Job types

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Travaux PratiquesAn early exposure to the demands of the work place, a permanent team work on professional projects completed by work placements allow a quick insertion in the targeted professions. The international approach marked by the study of regulatory and economic contexts by country and facilitated by the command of languages helps target these professions abroad.

Evolutive training, a range of evolutive professions: Professional training is supported by a completed scientific training and adapts to the evolutions of the professions thanks to the permanent implication of professionals.


Executive in health products companies (medicines, cosmetic products).

  • Research and Development Engineer: medicines, cosmetics…
  • Galenic technologist,
  • Production, Manufacturing, Packaging manager
  • Production Materials flow manager
  • Technical sales engineers
  • Production purchase and negotiations manager for subcontractors, parts manufacturers or manufacturers or distributor of raw materials
  • Industrial logistics manager
  • Heath products production planning manager
  • Quality auditor, Quality manager
  • Galenic R&D and Production Project manager,
  • Product Manager
  • Industrial development manager
  • Project manager (junior and senior)
  • Operational Planning manager,
  • Planning tools manager
  • Resources Manager
  • R&D sector or project planning manager
  • Product manager
  • Market researcher
  • Purchase or subcontractors manager
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA), CRAs manager
  • Subcontractors coordination manager
  • Clinical operations international coordinator
  • Clinical operations manager for an international study
  • Clinical data manager (Data manager)
  • Clinical data management project manager
  • Therapeutic area manager, Data Management
  • Data Management department manager
  • Clinical data management planning manager
  • Clinical development quality manager
  • Clinical operations project manager
  • Regulatory Affairs planning manager
  • Subcontratctors’ purchase manager
  • Health & Safety Manager
  • HSE advisor
  • Hygene and security manager,
  • Environmental health project manager,
  • Quality safety and environment manager,
  • Research officer in a government agency,
  • Health hazard consultant,
  • Risk assessment research officer
  • Project manager and manager in the field of medical devices in :
  • R&D
  • Production
  • Regulatory affairs = Quality
  • Pre-clinical and clinical assessment of medical devices.