Training course in partnership with the Pharmaceutical Industry.

A common scientific and technical training course completed by a professionalisation to posts depending on specialised paths. A strong involvement of professionals: speakers, projects, projects, work placements, development council, apprenticeship. Ultimately, a double competence for all: “health” and “project and quality management”.
These features led to develop a training particularly adapted for market needs.

Possible admissions at all levels from undergraduate/bac + 2 to postgraduate bac + 5, initial training or continuing education, as shown on the general diagram (in FR)

schéma IS image

The bachelor degree is obtained after 2 years

The L2 (Degree year 2) has essentially 2 goals :
– to homogenise the knowledge among the class whose students come from various backgrounds.
– to start focusing on “health” training, in all aspects of the word since it is at the core of the training course.

The L3 (Degree year 3) brings the knowledge which will give the whole class pluridisciplinary training in the health sector: chemistry, toxicology, pharmaceutical sciences, AMM recording file, experimental plan, quality, …etc…

Bachelor “Health Engineering”

At Master level,  5 COURSES :

Project management, Health Product Marketing (MPPS)

Conception and production of health products, medicine

Conception and production of health products, cosmetics

Medical Devices: From Design to Market (MDDM or DMCC in french)

Clinical Operations Management and Data Management, data management

Clinical Operations Management and Data Management, Clinical studies coordination

Environnemental health project management

The Health Engineering Master has obtained the ISO 9001 V2015 certification.ISO_9001