The training course has many professional partners who supply

  • Speakers, lecturers and PASTs,
  • Members of the development council,
  • Subjects for projects,
  • Work placements,
  • Apprenticeship contracts
  • Jobs,
  • Business tax

This network of health professionals (in the very wide sense) allows our students to receive a training that’s continuously adapted to their future professional life and an excellent integration after obtaining their qualification


The Health Engineering Degree and Master courses are entitled to perceive for the training of their students some business tax for middle managers and senior executives and cumulatively for skilled workers.

Professional partners, our aim is to meet the needs of the companies in constant evolution and your investment is for us a major means of maintaining a level of training that is compatible with your needs. We rely on you to maintain the quality of our training by being part of the beneficiaries of the payment of this apprenticeship tax
The apprenticeship tax is to be addressed to :
The Accounting Officer of the University of Montpellier
Destination : Degree and Master in Health Engineering training
Teaching manager : Mrs Elena GOMEZ and Mr Xavier GARRIC
Boulevard Henri IV

In order to ensure a follow-up of the tax perceived, we would be grateful if you could inform by email of your payment and specify to your collecting agency the destination to the “Degree and Master in Health Engineering” training via the Montpellier University.