Network of Health Management and Engineering Schools (“REMIS” NETWORK) :

Selected in the context of IDEFI, the project supported by the REMIS network (7 universities and 9 associated partners from the socio-economic, industrial and institutional private and public sectors) offers training courses to all audiences – ranging from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s and a PhD  – leading to innovative professions in the health management and engineering sector (drug, biotechnology, bioreactive, cosmetics, food and beverage industries,health and medico-social …). Its vocation and ambition is to develop training in health management and engineering through the implementation of innovative teaching methods and of learning in a real context enriched by the development of technological innovations.

The pedagogical methods and innovative training offered by the IDEFI-REMIS project and built closer to the professional life, allow REMIS to reach a wide audience of students, employees, people in professional reconversion or applicants for employment. These methods and training are intended to be read by both these applicants and employers.
REMIS has set up a WebTV for the students of the network.

The goals of REMIS :

  • the implementation of innovative methods for the design of training courses

  • the realization, implementation and development of the SIMLAB concept;

  • the development of partnerships and international networks;

  • strengthening the professional integration of graduates.

The project is based on many French and international partnerships (Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany…) both in terms of teaching and with the socio-economical, industrial and institutional sectors both private and public.


The research activity that concerns our training is structured around the following areas: Chemistry, Biology-Health and Water-Environment. The teaching team of the “Health Engineering” training is mainly from these poles

  • Max Mousseron Institute of biomolecules
    UMR 5247 CNRS/UM/ENSM (Director : P. Dumy)
  • Charles Gerhardt Institute of Molecular Chemistry and Materials
    UMR 5253 CNRS/UM2/ENSCM/UM1 Director: Jean-Marie Devoisselle
  • Anti-parasite vaccination -Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Biology (LBCM) : EA 4558 / UM (Director : S. Delbecq)
  • HydroSciences Montpellier (HSM)
    UMR 5569 Montpellier CNRS-IRD-UM (Director : P. Seyler)
  • Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Public Health
    EA 2415 Director : P.Landais
  • Center for Pathogenic Agents and Health Biotechnology (CPBS)
    UMR 5236/CNRS-UM (Director : J.M. Mesnard)
  • Montpellier Institute of Functional Genomics 
    CNRS UMR 5203 – INSERM U1191 / UM (Director : JP Pin)
  • Law dynamics
    UMR 5815 CNRS Université de Montpellier 1 Director : E De Mari