Want to hire a trainee ?

In partnership with the health industry, the aim of the syllabus is :

  • to provide students with a 5 year university diploma in Health Sciences, in order to qualify for executive positions in the field of health
  • to meet a broad range of demands and needs of the industry including the biomedical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environmental and occupational health and safety fields, as well as many others.

The course relies on :

  • A strong scientific background, acknowledged by industry executives.
  • A quality-oriented, professional content designed to match the changing needs of the industry.
  • Contributions from industry professionals in addition to academic teaching.
  • Case studies carried out in teams to further develop professional skills and facilitate work placements.
  • A strong focus on training periods, practical work placements and languages to allow students to perform in the international job market.
  • Project management skills in addition to scientific skills.
  • Computer skills : specialized data/project management software.

Course content and organisation:
The first years of the syllabus are designed to provide all students with comprehensive skills and knowledge through a broad range of courses including:
Chemistry, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Marketing authorization procedures, quality control, etc…
The last 2 years of the syllabus focus on more specialized, professional skills and include two extended practical work placements (5/6 months).


  • Project management, marketing of health products: Operational planning manager, R&D planning/ product manager…
  • Environmental and occupational heath and safety, project management: health and safety manager, project/ health risk manager…
  • Clinical operations management and data management: clinical research associate, data manager….
  • Development and production of health products: executive positions in R&D, production, quality assurance (drugs, cosmetic products,)……
  • Medical devices: from design to commercialization.

If you are a health professionnal and are interested in hiring one of our students for a training period, please download our questionnaires

Health professional ? There is a letter for you : Training Period Letter 2018-19

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For further information, please contact the secretary (see the adresses et the end of this page)

You can also contact directly the professors in charge of the different specializations : you will find their mail adresses in the “Programs/Master degree in health engineering presentation” page.

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