Work placements abroad are strongly recommended and most of the students following the whole curriculum carry out at least one of these placements abroad. These placements can often contribute to achieving the professional project of the student. The commitment of health engineering in various international relation programmes (Erasmus, regional help) allows the students to do a work placement in one of the European Union’s countries or further. Many work placements are also done in North and South America, in Australia, in Japan, in North Africa etc. This is why languages are so important in our training.


For a real opening to Europe, the Health IUP had finalised a double qualification and this cooperation has continued after the passage to LMD, with Fachhochschule de Giessen (Germany) which has been ongoing since 1996.

Besides, since 2002, many students from Montpellier have spent a year (L3) at the Napier University in Edinburgh(Scotland). The students can follow courses allowing them to validate a Bachelor of Science at the same time as their L3. The Napier University of Edinburgh proposes 2 BSC:

More recently, some links have been established with Spain (Sevilla, Barcelona), Ireland (Dublin), and Freiburg in Germany.In all cases, French students do their L2 year in Montpellier, their L3 abroad, and come back for the Master in Montpellier. For the year 2014-2015, 5 students have spent a year abroad (Scotland, Ireland, Germany)…
Our two « traditional » possibilities : Scotland and Germany

  • Deutsch-Französischer Integrierter Studiengang /French-German Integrated curriculum, Fachhochschule – Giessen
    The proposed courses for the L3 in Giessen are:-Biopharmazeutische Technologie – Biopharmaceutical technology
    -Krankenhaus- und Medizintechnik – Hospital and medical techniques
    -Umwelt-, Hygiene- und Sicherheitstechnik – Environment, Hygene and Safety techniques

Download the document : Studying in Giessen

Download the document : Studying in Freiburg



The Health Engineering and Project Management School (ESISMP) is now operational and announced on 13th September 2012 in Casablanca its partnership with the University of Montpellier, and more precisely with the faculty of pharmacy. This partnership takes the shape of an educational partnership all along the training course and of the delocalisation of the Health Engineering Master of Montpellier University from the start of school year 2012. This means that the students in Morocco will receive exactly the same education by the same teachers (either on location or using visioconference) than the students in Montpellier! And the students of Casablanca will be registered at Montpellier University and will obtain their Master from it. The goals of the training course are of course the same as the ones described on this site.
Besides, the ESISMP is setting up a health engineering preparatory degree which will enable students to acquire the knowledge in physiochemical, pharmacological, biological, pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences essential to continue to master level.
For more information, please see the ESISMP website. Or : contact them by e-mail.
To download: press pack on the organisation of the ESISMP and the delocalisation of the Health Engineering Master.