Importance of languages

Importance of languages2016-07-12T08:40:56+00:00

In view of its implication abroad and of the amount of graduates finding jobs outside France, the « health engineering » training course puts a significant emphasis on the acquisition of foreign languages:

  • English is compulsory as a first language and a score of 750 at the TOEIC test is required in M1.
  • A second language is compulsory.

Our requirements in terms of foreign languages should allow us to improve further our possibilities of exchange with European training courses.
The foreign language training which students receive each year includes:
– 40 hours of English (taking the TOEIC test in M1)
– 40 hours of German or Spanish (or other language, outside the establishment)
Besides, the English language is widely used in scientific documentation, in some courses, personal works, some training report presentations etc.


  • Easy Spanish, revision and update tool. See the guide Moderator : yanhel, who is none other than your “health engineering” teacher.