The M2 apprenticeship training has been operating since September 2006 and about 80 contracts are signed every year. Apprenticeship contract proposals arrive at the health engineering training and many others are being found by students themselves, either by using their M1 work placement to convince companies to take them on as apprentices, or by applying directly to the professional field of their master course.
The “Data management” option is the only one that is not compatible with apprenticeship, since the specificities of the teaching do not allow the implementation of apprenticeship training.

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Apprenticeship in Health Engineering M2

The professional training contract is intended for :

Young people from 16 to 25 year old gone,  job seekers aged 26 and over , beneficiary of the RSA, the ASS, the AAH, people benefiting from a CUI.

Exceptions are made for :  Disabled people (no age limit) –  People who took an inferior qualification by apprenticeship the previous year – Necessity of the prepared qualification to start a business – Breaking the contract for reasons beyond the control of the apprentice.

Apprenticeship is an alternating training system that combines the acquisition of know-how and skills with an employer and academic and practical courses taught at the University.

Benefits for the apprentice :

  • The apprentice is not a student like the others. He retains his salaried status and the period at the faculty is therefore remunerated as working time.
  • Apprenticeship makes it possible to obtain a diploma in a work situation.
  • The length of time in a company (almost 9 months) makes it possible to enrich your CV with a real professional experience.
  • Enjoy the same rights in the company as other employees (holidays, bonuses, …)
  • Have health insurance
  • The salary of the apprentice is not taxable, within the limit of the smic, including in case of attachment to the tax home of parents
  • Taking into account the learning period for retirement
  • Possibility of benefiting from personalized housing assistance (APL)


Apprenticeship training period : from 2019-09-05 to 2020-09-05

Organization :

Classes at the CFA :

The 400 hours to be carried out at the CFA will take place :

  • From  September 5 to October 25, 2019
  • From November 4 to november 29, 2019
  • From January 6 to January 10, 2020
  • From February 3 to february 7, 2020
  • From February 24 to february 28, 2020

The presentation of the training report will take place: between September 3 or 4, 2020

Modified by LAW n ° 2009-1437 of November 24, 2009 – art. 25 (V)

For the direct preparation of the tests, the apprentice have the right to take an additional leave of five working days. He must follow the special training provided in the training center since the agreement referred to in Article L. 6232-1 provides for its organization. This leave gives the right to salary maintenance. It has to locate in the month preceding the tests. It is added to the leave provided for in Article L. 3141-1 and the annual leave for employees under 21 years of age provided for in Article L. 3164-9, as well as the duration apprentice training center established by the contract.

  • From October 28 to october 31, 2019
  • From December 2 to december 31, 2019
  • From January 2 to January 3, 2020 and January 13 to January 31, 2020
  • Form Febraury 10 to february 21, 2020
  • Full-time from mars 2,2020 to the end of the apprenticeship contract

The professional training contract is intended for :

  • Young people from 16 to 25 year old gone ;
  • Job seekers aged 26 and over ;
  • Beneficiary of the RSA, the ASS, the AAH, people benefiting from a CUI.