Dean Jean-Louis Chanal, convinced of the great interest of the IUP (Vocational University Institute) training courses newly created by the Ministry of Education, gives birth to the Health Engineering IUP at the Montpellier Faculty of Pharmacy. The courses will start in September of the same year. The IUP provides a three year training from undergraduate (bac+2) to postgraduate (bac+3). The concept is innovative and the Montpellier training intends to broaden the field of training compared with simple pharmacy: the concept of « health » will be included in addition to medicines and clinical research: Environmental health, radiotherapy-radioprotection, therapeutic benefit polymers, cosmetology. Right from the start, the training includes some long term work placements (6 months) in 3rd year and benefits from a great support from the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to the participation of the SNIP (Pharmaceutical Industries National Syndicate) and great groups such as SANOFI, Pierre Fabre, from the development council and from the teachers.

the D.R.T. (Technological Research Diploma) was a postgraduate university diploma which constituted the culmination of the technological course for students wishing to pursue a professional career in the Research and Development sector. The Montpellier Faculty of Pharmacy which was a pioneer through the creation of his Health Engineering IUP in 1991 has done it again by implementing the matching DRT making it its natural continuation. This DRT which was first maintained in the context of the « LMD » reform process represented an interesting alternative to those who wished to gain immediately a real industrial experience (18 months of work placement) while preparing a postgraduate (“bac+5”) diploma. The DRT hasn’t survived the harmonisation of studies in Europe (LMD) and the last class was finished in September 2009. About a hundred students have obtained the DRT, which offered an exceptional employment rate of insertion to the profession.
In the last few years, the DRT worked in apprenticeship training, and the students benefited from the training in project management and in quality managment which are currently two teaching units in the M2 core course.

Creation of the « project management » and « data management » (management of clinical data bases) DESS. (DESS is a university specialized formation at the master2 level)As suggested by the development council, whose manufacturers were constantly informing the IUP on the up and coming professions in the health sector, these two DESS were created, becoming a study continuation in coherence with the IUP and leading to the level of bac+5 required to obtain a management post in the industry. During the transition to LMD, these DESS which had very broadly proved their worth, were logically transformed into “Health Engineering” master 2 options.

25th October 2001, the IUP celebrates its 10 years anniversary : all the university authorities were present, but what all students were looking forward to the most was the two prestigious guests from the pharmaceutical industry: Jean-Jacques BERTRAND, President of the Pharmaceutical Industry National Syndicate, President of AVENTIS PASTEUR, and Deputy Managing Director of AVENTIS PHARMA and Jean-François DEHECQ, Chief Executive Officer of SANOFI-SYNTHELABO and President of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations. The class of 2001 of the IUP and the DESS were able to receive their diploma from the hands of all the distinguished guests. Our colleagues of the Giessen Fachhochschule had made the journey to mark the presentation of dual diplomas to German and French students.
The celebration was an opportunity to present the badge of honoris causa Doctor of the University of Montpellier 1 to Professor H.J DE JONG, from the University of Leiden (Netherlands), Director of International Scientific Relations of the SERVIER International Research Institute and President of the IUP development council since its creation. It’s under his Presidency that the council has managed to coordinate the IUP with the pharmaceutical industry and to make the right moves at the right time.
The DRT can be taken by apprenticeship training.

celebration of the bicentenary of the pharmacy faculty: The Health Engineering IUP is of course taking part in the celebrations.

It’s a major event in the life of the school and all that is featured on this site is a result of it: so we won’t go into it in-depth here. Let’s just remind ourselves of some consequences: End of the IUP as such (without giving up any of its specifications therefore maintaining all the course’s qualities), transformation of DESS into M2, addition of new courses on top of the 2 former DESS, predictable end of the DRT.

Start of school year 2006, the master can be taken by apprenticeship training:
Apprenticeship training had proved extremely interesting for the DRT, and the M2 was organized in such a way that it could be taken by apprenticeship training. 20-25 M2 students benefit each year from this programme.

Start of school year 2010, to increase the collaboration between UM1 and UM2 on the « Health engineering » project, the first semester of L2 (S3) is from now on taught mostly at the UM2. The students then go full-time to the faculty of pharmacy for semester 4.

On 14-15th October “Health Engineering” IUP celebrated its 20th anniversary. On the Friday, the professional seminar was followed by a conference for the general public at 6pm (Health and well-being), on the Saturday: conferences, meeting of the graduates and debate on the organization of the network and Saturday night: the former students’ party with some of their teachers.

February 2016 : “Health Engineering” IUP obtains the  ISO9001/2008 certification

March 2017 : “Health Engineering” IUP obtains the  ISO9001/2015 certification