Master degree in health engineering presentation

In M1, the training enables the students, after a core course to acquire a first specialisation in one of the fields related to each of the M2 courses.
It ensures the scientific, technological and methodological pre-requisites in one of the fields of specialisation:  Project Management and Health products Marketing, Clinical Operations Management and Data Management, Conception and Production of Health Products (medicines, cosmetics, biomaterials), Environmental Health Project Management, Medical Devices from conception to Commercialisation, which are necessary to acquire the double competence Project Management/ Speciality proposed by the Master 2.
The M2 training completes the scientific and technological training acquired in Master 1 by giving a double competence (in all the courses) in Health Engineering and Management Systems necessary to a good and fast professional insertion of our future young executives. The M2 can be taken in apprenticeship.
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  1. Project management, Health Products Marketing (MPPS)
  2. Conception and Production of Health products, CPPS, with 2 options: medicines, and cosmetics)
  3. Clinical Operations Management and Data Management (MODM), with 2 options : Project Management and clinical studies coordinations , and  Data Management (clinical databases management)
  4. Environmental Health Project Management  (MPES)
  5. Medical Devices : From Design to Market (MDDM) – (DMCC in French)

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