Applications and admission

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All admissions are delivered after examination of the school/university file and, potentially the professional file. The candidate can be called in for an interview…

The admission to our training courses can be done at all levels: L2, L3, M1, M2. If your training course is not listed below, please contact us!

Admission in L2 (Initial & continuing education): Scientific L1 (chemistry, biology…) validated, PACES (score of 10 or over at the entrance test), 1st year of preparatory classes validated, BTS – DUT (upgrade and redirection, ex: chemistry, physic measurements …), Continuing education (after validation of prior experience).
Admission in L3 (Initial & continuing education):  Health Engineering L2 validated, L2 with a focus on Biological Sciences validated, 2nd year of preparatory classes (engineering schools entrance test, validation by an eligibility), Biological Sciences DUT S (or related disciplines ) validated, Biological Sciences DEUST (or related disciplines) validated, Continuing education (after validation of prior professional experience).
Admission in M1 (Initial & continuing education) : Students from Health Engineering L3, L3 students with solid “Biological Sciences” background
Admission in M2 (Initial & continuing education) : Students with a Master 1: Health Engineering, Biology, Physico-Chemistry, Biotechnologies, Biomaterials, Chemistry, Chemitry of the Biomolecules, Geosciences, Environment.
– Health students who have validated a DFASP2 in pharmacy or a DFASM2 in medecine, Engineers in biological, chemical, biotechnologies, environmental disciplines etc.

Employees form the pharmaceutical, biomedical and/or food industries, hospital staff, with at least 3 years of professional activity; the admission in Master 2 will be delivered after: – Examination of the candidates  – interview with the admission panel.


Continuing education : After validation of professionals experiences